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Practice Areas

Personal Injury
When someone is injured by the negligence of others, North Carolina law provides for the injured person to recover money damages from the negligent party. These damages include money for medical expenses, loss of income, travel expenses, money for disfigurement, permanent injury, and pain and suffering. Insurance companies do everything within their power to pay the least money possible to injured persons with valid claims. We, at Hill & Hovis, P.L.L.C., are experienced and knowledgeable in fighting the insurance companies. Our representation is on a contingency basis, which means that no attorney fees are owed if for some reason a recovery is not made on your behalf. We offer free consultations and home/hospital visits for potential clients at no charge since often times those injured are physically unable to visit our office. We offer conference consultations on the first floor and second floor at our location. We take pride in holding ourselves out as advocates to insure you receive full and fair compensation for your injuries.

The attorneys at Hill & Hovis, P.L.L.C. have handled thousands of personal injury claims including complex, catastrophic injuries resulting in paralysis, dismemberment and/or traumatic brain injury.

We are also experienced in handling cases against homeowner’s insurance companies and claims for serious injuries caused by defective products. If someone injures you as a result of their own mistakes and their car is not involved, their homeowner’s insurance company may provide insurance to cover their mistakes and/or negligent acts.

Tractor Trailer Accidents
Throughout our state, we note more and more tractor trailers traveling on our roadways delivering goods and transporting merchandise to various locations. Unfortunately, these rigs weigh thousands of pounds in excess of what the typical car weighs and when an accident occurs, it more often than not, can result in one sustaining debilitating and permanent injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and/or death.

We at Hill & Hovis are familiar with the many federal regulations that are required to be complied with by the trucking industry. Hill & Hovis understands the importance of conducting a thorough investigation in a tractor trailer accident case and have found it often results in the uncovering of negligent acts or practices by the truck driver and/or its employer that may have contributed to the collision.

If settlement negotiations do not render fair compensation for our clients, Hill & Hovis has experience in trying tractor trailer cases before a jury in our state. Hill & Hovis have combined experience in excess of 60 years of handling these types of accidents. Hill & Hovis, for example, tried the case of Patrick McMillan and Mozelle Bodenheimer, administrators of Estate of Mary Bodenheimer McMillan vs. Charles Lee Radford and Baker Truck Leasing, Inc. Upon its conclusion, a Guilford County jury returned what was thought to be, at that time, the largest verdict for damages in the Triad area for a homemaker killed by the negligence of a truck driver.

As in all personal injury cases, Hill & Hovis does not charge attorney fees unless a recovery is made by their client. We also make free hospital and home visits to those unable to visit our office due to injury

Wrongful Death
When someone dies as a result of the negligence or wrongful act of another, the law in North Carolina allows the relatives to make a claim against that person or company based upon our wrongful death statute. Our law recognizes the value of human life by allowing the deceased relatives to recover money damages for medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, lost income of the deceased, pain and suffering, the loss of companionship, protection, services, care, assistance, companionship, comfort, guidance, kindly offices and advice of the deceased.

Deaths that result from automobile/tractor trailer and/or motorcycle accidents, medical negligence, gunshot wounds, and other acts of negligence are all covered under the Wrongful Death Statute. We, at Hill & Hovis, are experienced in handling these claims and will be diligent in assisting and protecting the rights of those who have lost loved ones.

Worker's Compensation
Section 97
of the North Carolina General Statutes sets forth in detail the rights of workers who have been injured or who have died during the course and scope of their employment. We, at Hill & Hovis, are knowledgeable of these laws and will assist you in receiving just and fair compensation. These laws are constantly changing and we concentrate our efforts to stay updated as to how the laws are interpreted by our Courts as well as new laws passed by our legislature.

An injured employee, as well as his/her dependents, may be entitled to recover such things as temporary or partial total disability payments (weekly checks), payment of medical and travel expenses, and compensation for permanent injuries or death.

We are experienced in handling these cases all the way to the appellate courts, if necessary. However, our main focus is to swiftly and efficiently insure that the injured worker and his or her family receive all the benefits they are entitled to under the North Carolina Workers Compensation Act.

Social Security Disability
When someone is and/or becomes disabled, they apply for Social Security Disability Benefits and often times their application is turned down unjustly by the Social Security Administration for benefits. In many cases, those turned down have worked many years prior to their disability, during which time, their employer, pursuant to Federal Law, deducted a portion of their paycheck that went towards Social Security.

If you are initially turned down for benefits by the Social Security Administration, we, at Hill & Hovis, will be glad to pursue your case on a contingency basis. Following a denial, it is important to retain counsel as soon as possible since the second step, which is called Reconsideration, must be filed within 60 days of your initial denial. We can assist by timely handling your Reconsideration as well as Request for Hearing which follows, should the Reconsideration petition be denied.

Criminal and Traffic Matters
In appropriate cases, we have also pursued cases to the Appeals Council should your hearing result in an unfavorable disposition.

Operating a motor vehicle in today’s climate is a very expensive proposition.  We all feel the cost of gasoline, car insurance and repairs.  Get a ticket, and all these costs increase.  Hill & Hovis, P.L.L.C., understands that in today’s economy substantial monies can be saved by making sure that a moving violation does not become a part of your driving record.  We, at Hill & Hovis, P.L.L.C., understand traffic court and efficiently and confidentially handle the problems of our clients.

Most of today’s criminal cases are handled by the Public Defender’s Office.  These lawyers are competent, but generally overworked.  Serious criminal charges can ruin a person’s life.  We, at Hill & Hovis, P.L.L.C., are experienced and caring in representing those charged with crimes.  We understand the system and know those in charge.  We, at Hill & Hovis, can help.