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Social Security Disability

When someone is and/or becomes disabled, they apply for Social Security Disability Benefits and often times their application is turned down unjustly by the Social Security Administration for benefits. In many cases, those turned down have worked many years prior to their disability, during which time, their employer, pursuant to Federal Law, deducted a portion of their paycheck that went towards Social Security.

If you are initially turned down for benefits by the Social Security Administration, we, at Hill & Hovis, will be glad to pursue your case on a contingency basis. Following a denial, it is important to retain counsel as soon as possible since the second step, which is called Reconsideration, must be filed within 60 days of your initial denial. We can assist by timely handling your Reconsideration as well as Request for Hearing which follows, should the Reconsideration petition be denied.

In appropriate cases, we have also pursued cases to the Appeals Council should your hearing result in an unfavorable disposition.